Our Mission

To engage everyone in a fun-loving community that is ready to transition to a healthy, just energy system that we all benefit from equally.

Using solar charging stations for plug in E-vehicles and demonstration solar PV projects, we will shift the way our energy is made, showing that fossil fueled vehicles and buildings are unhip, unsustainable, and a thing of the past.

what we do

It's simple.  We're asking everyone to become a revolter, by making a small annual donation.  your seed money becomes grants for the greater community to use toward solar projects.  

Our only goal is to speed up our transition to a renewable energy society that benefits everyone.

What We've Achieved

  • Campaign Earth, the organization behind reVOLTer and Protect our Future, has worked with municipalities, schools, and individuals to change their carbon footprint

  • In 2010, we fundraised, educated, and installed a 9.45 kw solar pv array on a public elementary school.

  • In 2011, we wrote a grant, raised public awareness, and installed a wind turbine at a police station in Kennebunkport, ME

  • In 2013, we worked with 350 Maine to bring First Nations members from Alberta, Canada on an educational tour throughout New England and Canada to share their story of devastation from tar sands extraction projects. 

  • In 2015, we installed our first reVOLTer charging station for free public use on a fire station in Kennebunkport.

  • In 2016, we supported two solar pv installation projects, both in Maine, both on the rooftops of community food pantries.  Join us!